This post is basically just a whole bunch of Tweets strung together

luckycharms02…got home from work, fell asleep on the recliner (well, mostly) while they boy watched Dumbo, reflected on how catchy racism is (the phrase “be done seen ’bout evrythang” is gonna be running through my head for a bit) and then had cereal for dinner.

Because fuckit, cereal for dinner, dammit.  Lucky Charms, specifically.

Fact: WordPress replaces “fuckit” with “faucet” if you aren’t paying attention, which… is not the same thing.

Secondary fact: The little marshmallows in Lucky Charms and various other cereals are called “Marbits,” and if you are savvy, you can get them in giant bags all by themselves.  I have not done such a thing, but my wife has given bags of marbits (WordPress correction: marabouts) as Christmas gifts.

Related to the post below: you may have noticed that the rape/sexual assault complaints about Bill Cosby have been all over the news lately.  Ponder the fact that the actual women coming forward never really led to much, but a relatively unknown male comic jokes about the assaults and now it’s national news.

Thanksgiving is next week.  I am not sure how this is possible.

My son, who as we established a couple of days ago is three, got a report card from his preschool.  It is thoroughly standards-based and something like nine or ten pages long.  It doesn’t have actual grades on it but if it did I think he’d be on honor roll.  I can live with that.

We are supposed to get somewhere between four and eight inches of snow tonight, but I am not lucky enough for it to result in school closings.

The federal monitoring visit today went… interestingly.  I may talk more about it later but it doesn’t fit into the theme of this post very well.

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  1. My personal choice is Fruit Loops if I’m going to eat cereal for dinner. If you want snow, move to Buffalo. They’ve already gotten pummeled and are supposed to get more. I suspect their schools will be closed for a week. It’s always worse somewhere else. 🙂


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