In which I have good news and bad news

Here’s the good news:

IMG_2186(The cover’s less pinkish than it looks there.  Artifact of the lighting.  The color balance is about where I wanted it.)

Here’s the bad news:

IMG_2187That was supposed to be in all-caps, and somehow not only did I fail to hit the Caps Lock key while typing it, I failed to notice the fucking mistake until it was in my hands.  And while my wife and a couple of helpful Twitter folks claimed it didn’t look bad, I cannot abide this font in lower-case, particularly that “e”.  So it had to be fixed.  Also fixed, unnecessarily: adding some space to the front of each chapter and switching the cover from matte to glossy at my wife’s suggestion.

Not altered: the interior font, on account of the number of issues I thought it could introduce.  I’m told sans-serif fonts are never used inside books.  Be prepared to embrace diversity on that particular point.

Oddly, something about those two changes altered the minimum price– I think I may have gone over an invisible page count threshold when I added the space to the chapters.  The print cost will be $12.95, which I think is entirely reasonable for a book of this quality.  (The print quality, I mean.  The quality of the words is up to you guys.)

It’s back in review, but I’m going to skip the proof stage at this point– there’s nothing changed that should cause additional problems– so being available by Friday is still within reach.  I will, most obviously, be letting you know.  🙂

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12 thoughts on “In which I have good news and bad news

  1. That’s got to be an irritating thing to happen. Most interesting thing I’ve seen in an actual published book is the chapter header saying “chaper”


  2. Oof the sans serif font on the interior would drive me nuts to read for a whole book. Then again, I also refuse to proofread my friends’ 2-page essays unless they’re in Times New Roman so I’m unusually picky.


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