In which I don’ wanna

2014-02-07 09.06.08I don’t like to get behind on my grading.  But this is what happens when a) you refuse to do grading at home during the week (which I do), b) you have two out of the last three Fridays where school is cancelled, and c) on the one Friday where school isn’t cancelled, you didn’t have school on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and it completely escapes your notice to bring your stuff home.

Thankfully, I came home yesterday assuming we’d be out today.  Which we are.  So I’m going to go read a book and play video games and hope that my house gnomes do my grading for me.  Because it’s still Friday, dammit, and I don’t grade on Fridays.  🙂


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9 thoughts on “In which I don’ wanna

  1. I’m the opposite! I teach second grade and we have to have x amount of grades each week plus I do homework completion grades. I generally take about 30min after school each day to grade (if needed) and On Fridays I turn into a crazy multitasking lady. I generally have all their tests graded before the kids leave that afternoon. I HATE working on the weekends! I avoid it as much as possible!


  2. I hate working on the weekends with grading. I use every minute of my prep, I come in about an hour early almost every day and I grade quizzes with the student as I conference with them on Friday. I also give very short quizzes (middle school math) I have found I can assess this weeks standard(s) with only about 4 questions.


  3. I am generally too damn tired to work effectively right after school, so once meetings/conferences/phone calls/chats with colleagues/daily paperwork is done, I head home rather than spending another hour at my desk. That said, I do have a weekend job that, this time of year, basically just requires me to man a counter and deal with customers sporadically, so I’m able to get grading done. I might do my work differently if I didn’t have that.


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