My new look

Gonna wear these to work on the day before Winter Break and see if the kids notice.

In which I get summer break sorted out

So here’s what I did today. It was supposed to take 45 minutes.

The yard, prepared.
The tarp!
Initial layout of the pool.
My assistant, assisting.
Right here is the 45-minute mark, where the box said we were supposed to be done. Ha! No.
All of the piping and frame in place.
My assistant tests the ladder. It’s sturdy enough but it could be wider; I can see myself having trouble getting *out* of the pool– in will be easy, obviously, because of the water.
It’s gonna be quite a bit deeper than I initially imagined. It won’t be filled to the top, of course, but this is way less of a kiddie pool than I’d pictured.
Starting to put the water in. This will take a REALLY long time to fill. Total elapsed construction time before we started putting water in: about two hours, and not a terribly strenuous two hours, either. Not bad, really.
The filter, and my solution for the fact that the filter really doesn’t want to sit on the ground without falling over.

So, yeah, we’re gonna have a pool in the back yard this summer. Total cost was about $450, and a membership in the local neighborhood pool that we’d have to get in the car to go to is around $325, so I figure even if we only get a couple of seasons out of it it’ll be worth the money. I did the math; it’s a 48″ pool and it’s filling at about 4″ an hour so it’s literally going to take half a damn day to fill it up.

Also, across the 15 feet of the pool we’re only about 1.25″ off from level. I’m pretty certain that’s about as good as it gets in a back yard.

I’ll post another picture or two once it’s actually filled tomorrow, and then there’s chemicals and shit before we can start swimming in it on a regular basis, plus I’m sure it’ll rain for the next two weeks.


It has been a rough day so here is a kitten


So we left on our vacation yesterday.


Today was a Driving Day; get from northern Indiana to Louisville, with a stop in Bloomington along the way.  I haven’t been in Bloomington for years, so it was great to get back into town.  Also, we got to explain what “college” is to the boy.  We only really had time to eat lunch and tour the southwestern part of campus, but that’s where most of the fun stuff is so it worked out.


Wright Quad!  The window to the left of the door there was my dorm room the only year that living in the dorms mattered.  I considered trying to swing by my apartment my junior and senior year and then realized I probably couldn’t find it without thinking hard.


Some things never change; there are still shoes dangling from damn near every overhead power line.  Don’t ask.IMG_5923

Some things do change:  The Von Lee used to be a movie theater.  The building is still there, and it’s still the Von Lee, but it’s apparently a Noodles now?  Which I feel may be a bit of a demotion.


Sample Gates, the unofficial doorway to campus.  My favorite Sample Gates story has nothing to do with me: my brother was going to propose to his fiancee (now wife) there, but had to rapidly abort and find another location when someone else was already proposing when they got there.


Most of the buildings on campus are made from southern Indiana limestone.  I always enjoyed this quote, especially the odd hyphen in “master-spirit.”


My wife, a journalism major, poses with Ernie Pyle, an IU grad.  The boy appears less certain about him.


The Student Building.  It’s not called that for any clear reason that I was ever aware of, but I’ve always loved the clock tower.  IMG_5926

Herman B. Wells and his Missing Cane.  This statue and the flowers around it are new since I was there.  The pained look on the boy’s face is because that’s a bronze bench and it was hot outside; to his credit,  he allowed us to photograph him before remarking that he was partially on fire.  IMG_5929

Immediately behind where the last picture was.  IMG_5930

The mighty Jordan River!  Shut up it is mighty.IMG_5931

I am aware, intellectually, that I have the sky and clouds at home, and that the sky at home is the same sky that I look at when I’m in Bloomington, but I swear the skies are prettier down here anyway.  God, I miss this town.

We swung by my mom’s childhood house in Bedford at her request and I managed to stealth a couple of pictures of the house without the current homeowners noticing.  I remember this hill being a lot steeper and taller, but that’s what 30-year-old memories will do for you:



I played on this rock a lot as a little kid.  Couldn’t resist having the boy take a picture there.  IMG_5969


Today, I shall pet a giraffe.

Another social media account

At the request of my kid’s preschool teacher (no, seriously) I’ve gone back to Instagram.  So follow me; I need friends.  There’s nothing actually there at the moment but eventually there will be.

Long day.  Cannot word at the moment.