I shoulda known this was gonna happen

What’s that line from Blade again?  “Some motherfuckers are always trynna ice skate uphill”?

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17 thoughts on “I shoulda known this was gonna happen

  1. I speak, my overlord. But seriously, I couldn’t agree with you more. Let’s try actual facts for a change. As far as I can tell, however, there are certain types of people who, when faced with contradictory facts, simply become more solidly set in their beliefs. It is simply better not to “talk” to them unless you are ready for the discussion to descend into an ad hominem attack.


    1. I actually did spend a moment thinking about whether I should clarify that I am not in fact in favor of, say, arsenic in drinking water. Then I asked that guy like three times to show some evidence that whatever that stuff is is actually dangerous to no avail, so apparently being precise is kinda pointless.


      1. The triumph of mindless belief is quite distressing to me. The odd thing is that it can happen in otherwise normal people. They have one part of their worldview that is impervious to facts or reason. Of course it is much more likely that the reality-based blind spot is more overreaching.


  2. Hey, this is Austin. So apparently you couldn’t do a single Google search because I found countless articles discussing the problems of Azodicarbonamide. Here’s two for example:



    Oh and it is BANNED in most European countries and Australia, and in Singapore it’s use is punishable by up to 15 years in prison!

    Lastly, I want to apologize for getting a little nasty, no need for that. I just can’t comprehend why of all the things you could choose to lament in this world, you chose to lament people working to take fucking poison out of the food. As for the comments here, it’s easy to generalize and be right, but then the guy you are generalizing about shows up in the comments and provides links, then what?


    1. 1) I’m not generalizing. I’m providing your exact words.
      2) Again, I don’t care. My precise complaint: people complaining pointlessly about “chemicals.” The nature of the precise chemical makes no difference; no evidence was provided in the article as to whether it was dangerous or bioreactive; *that’s* the problem.
      3) I’ll complain about whatever the hell strikes me to complain about, whenever I want. I spend enough time on the world’s problems, son, and I assure you I spend much more of my waking day trying to make the world a better place than you do.
      4) The fact that you’re still boiling this down to “lamenting people working to take fucking poison out of the food” shows that you still don’t understand the conversation that the rest of us are having. That’s fine, but the grown-ups would like to talk now, and you’ve had your fun. Go away.


  3. First, you have no idea what I do with my life. So calm down. The generalization comment was regards to the circle jerk in the comments.

    You obviously didn’t look at the link too hard because both of them establish why it’s dangerous. Why smart guy would all those countries BAN it if it wasn’t dangerous?

    And no sir, you are missing the point that there is no reason for them to be putting this in food! Why is that so hard for you to understand? That’s what’s funny about this. You can’t at all defend the use of this chemical in food, so what exactly is wrong with removing it? And guess what? Subway IS removing it. So what are you talking about?


        1. The instruction you were given was “go away.” The answers to your questions are already included, free of charge, in the words I’ve already written for you. That you are not bright enough to comprehend what’s going on around you is no longer my problem.


        1. Eggs confirmed for secret gov’t weapon. Watch as someone pinpoints its exact point of invention and purpose.

          The only thing better than Internet arguments – Internet arguments about conspiracies. I’ll go fetch popcorn.


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