7 Days, 7 Black and White Pictures, no explanations

…I’m given to understand that I broke the rules on this little game at least once by including a picture of my son, so it’s possible that the Meme Police will be filing charges of some sort.  I think I’ll survive.  At any rate, I’ve been posting these on Instagram and Twitter and I figured I’d archive them here:


KOKOMO-CON: The Cosplay

I will be back at this con next year.  I had a blast, sold an entire box of books, and the cosplay was magnificent.  I’ll be annotating some of these tomorrow (a few of them won’t make a ton of sense out of context) but for now here’s the cosplayer pictures I took:

WELL OKAY ONE STORY: I use free Oreos at my booth as a way to catch people’s attention, right?  Toward the end of the con, the guy dressed as Negan waltzed over to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said “You have Oreos.  I’m taking half.”

And then he actually did it.

I laughed my ass off.  This may be my single favorite con moment so far.

Anyway, the pictures: