Monthly Reads: May 2023

See? I told you I was going to read more this month. Book of the Month is R.F. Kuang’s Yellowface, and it’s not close, and A Day of Fallen Night is teetering uncomfortably between “God, 500 more pages of this; DNF” and “I liked the first book a lot, let it play out.”

Unread Shelf: May 31, 2023

God, this is just not okay. Some of these books have been sitting on that shelf for five or six months! I’ve made progress this month, but God.

ID this bird

I think he’s a juvenile, which is messing with my ability to figure out what he is. A red-tail would be the most common kind but his tail is behind the fence and the beak doesn’t look right, plus he’s got that black line over his eyes.

Who knows birds?

Monthly Reads: April 2023

Book of the Month is going to be Daniel M. Ford’s The Warden, and also The Witch and the Tsar, by Olesya Salnikova Gilmore, and, oh, Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White, and did you know there was a new Fonda Lee book this month? It’s called Untethered Sky, and it’s the Book of the Month, and I haven’t finished The Daughters of Izdihar yet so usually that means it’s not eligible but it’s that fucking good so I’m naming it Book of the Month because my blog, my rules.

In case you can’t tell, April more than made up for the sins of the first quarter of 2023.

Unread Shelf: April 30, 2023

I feel like there are a few books that have been on my unread shelf for a really, really long time at this point. Ugh. Summer is coming! I’ll do better!