An announcement

You may recall that I have written books in the past.

My novel Click has been an exclusive for Patreon subscribers and people who buy it from me at conventions since its publication. It has struck me recently (and has been true for some time) that this no longer really makes any sense; my Patreon rapidly grew to sixteen followers and froze there– I don’t think I’ve added a single follower since the first month I was on the site– and I haven’t updated it in forever. Similarly, Covid has made cons impossible. So this means that this book, more or less by definition, is just sitting there, not doing me any good.

I’m going to continue to offer it as an initial reward to new Patreon people, but it’s losing its exclusivity in the very near future, as I’m going to make the ebook version at least available on Amazon. Right now the print version is being handled through someone other than KDP, and I need to figure out if they can play nice with each other, and the actual file (not the text, the file) needs some slight revision, so I don’t have a release date just yet– but probably in the next few weeks. I will, of course, let everyone know immediately once I have a date; there will likely be a short pre-order period before the book actually launches, but I’ve got to get the leg work done first. I’m telling you now mostly to force myself into accountability, honestly.

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