Maybe I’ll get this all done in time

So– have I mentioned this?– I’m going to be at Kokomo-Con on October 14th, if any of you are nearby and feel like hitting up a convention.  I have a new book coming out on September 26th.  You knew about that part!

It would be cool, wouldn’t it, if the new book was available at the convention?  Seriously, right?  It would totally be cool.

Which is why I spent the entire evening yelling and screaming at Microsoft Word, again, and at CreateSpace’s stupid, stupid online file proofer that doesn’t actually seem to work right, and okay I think that there’s gonna be a print edition of the book available for purchase on Amazon right around day-and-date with the ebook and the book will be available at the convention.  But holy crap am I gonna get my butt kicked on shipping.

$8.99 for the print edition, by the by.  Cheaper at the convention, probably.  And I’ll sign the book for free!  Come see me!


Want some free stuff?

I’ve not written anything in the last few days, mostly because my options were “paralyzing anger” and “more paralyzing anger.”  Today upgraded everything to “so angry I can’t breathe,” and rather than indulge myself in that at the moment I’m just going to put a bunch of my books up for free.  I’ve done a Star Wars Day promotion pretty much every year since my first book came out; I completely flaked on it this time.  Let’s fix that.

Tomorrow and Saturday only, all four of my books will be free on Amazon.  I don’t think I’ve done all four at the same time before.  Check them out:

The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1
The Sanctum of the Sphere: Vol. 2 of the Benevolence Archives
Searching for Malumba: Why Teaching is Terrible, and Why we Do It Anyway

It’s Cyber Monday!

Okay, technically it’s Sunday night, but this will be up all day Monday and it’s already 7:40, so y’all will live.

You were planning on spending money at Amazon today, right?  Sure you were.  How about buying some books?  Click here to go straight to my author page, or on either of the following links to go to the pages for my books:

All of my books are available in print or as ebooks.  Buy one for yourself and one for a friend!


On audiobooks

the-dispatcher.jpgI have always suspected that I would not like audiobooks.  There are a number of reasons for this; chief among them are the facts that I read way, way faster than anyone could ever read out loud and don’t have the patience to wait for someone else to take four or five times as long to read something as I would, and the fact that I really enjoy the physicality of reading.  I have drawn this distinction between my wife and I a few times in this space, I think; we both enjoy reading, but I like books.  I have thousands of them.  I think she’d be content with an e-reader for everything for the rest of her life if it weren’t for the fact that I buy so many books that there’s always something for her to read.  I generally only read ebooks if I’m traveling (which doesn’t happen very often) or if I have no other choice, such as when my indie author friends have released new books.  Even then I prefer to get their stuff in print if I have the chance.

All that said, I’ve never actually tried to listen to an audiobook.  Enter John Scalzi.  Scalzi is one of my favorite authors, probably in the top five, and is also a guy who has served as a major influence on my own style.  I get everything he releases immediately, no questions asked, and I’ve never not liked one of his books.

John just released a new novella solely as an audiobook.  There’s a print version coming eventually, but for now, if you want to read The Dispatcher, you have to get the audiobook. At first that sounded kinda shitty, at least for me– John can do what he wants with his work, obviously, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it– and then I found out that was letting everyone download the book for free.  So I did.  And I started listening to it in the car this morning, on my way to work.  A one-way trip to work is 20, maybe 25 minutes, so I figure that’s a decent chunk of time to digest a bit of an audiobook.  That said, the entire thing is about two hours and ten minutes long– even round-trip, that’s several days of driving.  I’m in, like, Chapter Three.

Well, after day one, I still don’t like audiobooks.  In fact, weirdly, I’m finding that I don’t like the book, which I’ve never said about a Scalzi work before, and I’m trying to suss out whether it’s the book itself that’s bad or whether I dislike the format itself so much that it’s bleeding over into the actual story.  Zachary Quinto seems fine as a narrator, I suppose, but what’s getting me is that he’s clearly reading a book as opposed to telling a story, and it all feels really unnatural.  I just discovered that there’s an option to double the speed he’s reading at, and I’m going to enable that tomorrow and see if it helps things.  Because right now, this experiment is a failure.

Do you listen to a lot of audiobooks?  Do you read a lot of John Scalzi?  If so, wanna download this thing right quick and tell me if I’m nuts or not?