In which people search

I was all ready to give up on the idea of a blog post today, and then I happened to glance at my search results, and found this gem:

What, uh, post do you think THAT little search gem led to?

Well, this one, as it turns out, on page 3 of the results, which is yet another point in favor of my theory that people don’t have any idea how the hell to use Internet searches effectively– they just type in words and then click on page after page of results no matter what those results lead to.

Just, hell, when your necrophile murderer porn fantasies lead you here, make sure to buy a book before you go.

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Luther M. Siler

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2 thoughts on “In which people search

  1. I am enjoying your responses to my drive-by comments over the last few years. Wishing I had followed up with those and hit you back. And glad to know I have tenure.

    What I am doing is a summer thing. Hope it jump-starts me back into blogging. But you know. It might fail. Anyway, I am glad to know I have tenure here, lol. Glad you said so, and will keep stopping in as long as I am on WordPress.

    You’re right about how people use search engines. That is EXACTLY what we do.


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