On temporary and uncharacteristic bursts of optimism


I was entertained– this is genuine, I’m not trying to be passive-aggressive here– at how little attention my post about Sekiro got the other day.  Clearly there isn’t a huge audience around here for wild technical musings about video games unless I’m complaining (complaining always gets attention).  That said, we’re invoking the My Blog My Rules Goddammit covenant here, because my ass beat Genichiro Ashina earlier today, a feat that somehow only twenty-five percent of the players of this game have managed in the nine days since it came out, and I am damned proud of myself.  So: booyah, motherfuckers.

ALSO!  I have put new stuff on my Patreon twice in the last few days after ignoring it (and pausing charges to my Patrons; I don’t take your money if I don’t give you anything in return) for a couple of months.  There have been two first chapters of old, abandoned projects put up– neither of those ever got finished, but if people like what they see in those first chapters, maybe I’ll revisit them.  Remember, $2 a month gets you a whole book.  We like books, right?

Today’s the first day of Spring Break, and while we don’t have any real plans for the week I have high hopes that I’ll get something done for the two conventions I’ll be going to this April– a new banner, at least, since the old ones are getting a little raggedy(*).  I have been completely dry as far as writing fiction goes for all of 2019, basically, and dammit I’m gonna fix that this week.  We’re gonna get something creative accomplished up in here if it kills me.  And it’s not gonna kill me.

This is gonna be a big week, dammit.  Big.

(*) ConGlomeration in Louisville, April 19-21, and LaffyCon in Lafayette on April 27 and 28.  Are you near either of them?  Come see me!  I actually have some free tickets for LaffyCon, if anyone’s nearby and wants ’em.

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  1. Ugh I have sucked at actually writing anything this year too. I’m taking Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass, hoping it will help, but even if it doesn’t it’s worth the $ just to watch him talk. 🙂

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