#WeekendCoffeeShare: Spring Break Edition


If– if— we were having coffee, I would be ever so glad to be having coffee with you.  So.  Very.  Glad.  Because, presumably, having a weekend cup of coffee would mean that I was out in public and having a Conversation with an Adult, which is a thing that has been incredibly rare lately.  Don’t get me wrong– I love my wife and my parents, but other than the three of them I think the last time I had a conversation with another grown-up who wasn’t some sort of employee at a place where I was buying something was last Saturday.  If I restrict it to specifically social settings, I might have to go back to C2E2, which was, what, two weeks ago?

In other news, I’ve survived the first week of my son’s Spring Break, and there’s another week to go, and then a four-day period where my wife is in Boston for work stuff and I don’t even have her around.  I’ve never been to Boston, and I’m insanely jealous.  If I’m still remotely human come April 13, I want some sort of award.  Also, I have jury duty on the 12th.  So … yeah.

Anyway.  Have you been watching Daredevil?  I’ve liked the second season a hell of a lot more than the first, mostly because replacing the show’s terrible rendition of the Kingpin with Elektra and the Punisher has been an impressive upgrade.  I won’t spoil anything just yet, but I am very much in the minority in that I think D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the Kingpin was/is awful, and the less of him around the better.  We’ve watched through to the final episode, which we’ll watch tonight, and then I somehow have to spend the next 24 hours avoiding Walking Dead spoilers until we can watch the finale of that Monday night.

I’m showing signs of finally moving out of the Lexapro haze, too, which is good; I’m currently about six days ahead on the A to Z Challenge, and I hope to get much farther ahead today.  It’s been about a month since I started taking it, which is supposedly about as long as you need to get used to the side effects.  I’m very ready to be done with being unmotivated and exhausted all the time, so that’s all sorts of good news.

So, yeah.  That’s me.  How’re you?

Oh right this needs a title

bored-kitty.jpgSo far, Spring Break has consisted of a lot of Transformers cartoons interspersed with occasional attempts to teach the boy to read and preparing a neverending succession of grilled cheese sandwiches.  He’s actually getting pretty decent with a list of basic sight words; we’ll see if I can get him up to Dostoyevsky in the week and a half remaining before school starts again.  Probably not, but goals are a good thing.

Outside of that and stressing the fuck out about the job market, though, there’s not been much else.  I’m growing rather unpleasantly tired of my own bullshit, and am in that stage of bored where I can think of a dozen things I ought to be doing (not least among which would be getting something done on the A to Z challenge, which starts Friday) but being so unmotivated that I’m simply noting that they’re still out there and moving on with continuing to do not a whole lot.  Last year my A to Z posts were completely done by now.  I have them all scheduled but not a single one written yet.

I am sure that this is at least as exciting to read about as it is to live through.

I have just noticed that the keyboard in that picture is facing the wrong way, and it’s really getting on my nerves.

…yeah, that’s what I’ve got.  Gonna take the boy to the comic shop and maybe try to get a short story finished this afternoon.  We’ll see.


F3GtJe2eRHWG6YBNhefY_Brick THUMB.jpgIs it a sign of something wrong with me that I Google the words “spring break” to find an image for this post and the first thing to come to mind is Jesus Christ, am I glad I never had anything to do with that?  Because that’s totally what just happened.

Anyway: I’m unemployed, so depending on how you chose to look at it I either don’t get a Spring Break or every day in March and April is Spring Break.

The boy does, though.  In fact, he gets two weeks somehow, the longest Spring Break I’ve ever heard of.  So my current jobless status actually kinda works out for us, since the next two weeks can be Daddy Time and we don’t have to scramble to figure out what to do with him.

So far, after three hours of Spring Break, he has built a fort out of couch cushions and I have taken a shower.  So we’re living it up over here.

Anybody want to give any suggestions for what to do with a four-year-old for the next two weeks?  Other than mainline superhero cartoons, I mean.

In case it’s not perfectly clear already …

I already have a post scheduled for every day in April.  I have an immensity of work to do this week, not the least of which is getting Sanctum ready as both an ebook and a print book by the end of Spring Break.  That’s a job.  A jorb, even.

Point is, while I’ll still be around, I’m not going to be hurting myself to come up with topics.  There are gonna be days the A to Z post is the only one.  If you need something to read, can I recommend Skylights?  I dropped the price yesterday, so it’s $2.99 now.

I will return in earnest once the book is put to bed.


f9dlsdmhyszjltaqdzt2Spring Break, motherfuckers.

So … uh … yeah.  That’s what I’ve got.  That’s my party moment, right there.  I managed, miraculously, to get my desk entirely cleared before leaving work today, so I’ve got nothing hanging over my head from school other than some light filing when I get back.  That’s exciting.

I have a crapton of stuff that I either need to do or really ought to do over the break.  The bathroom needs finishing, and I’ve got my first signing coming very soon after the break ends, and I’m committed to doing it right, so I’ve got a lot of promotional material to create and/or order between now and then and basically all of it has to be done over the next week.  Plus I need to get the final version of the book out to my betas so there’s at least a chance of some reviews being ready on the 28th.

What I really want to do is spend the next week playing video games.  I’ve got Pillars of Eternity on my computer already, and I’ve been playing it in terribly small bits over the week or so since I downloaded it.  I loved the old Baldur’s Gate games, and it feels like a more than worthy update to the playstyle.  I should have some time over the next week to put a couple of real sessions into it, not just 20-minute chunks, and I’m looking forward to it.

Also, I really want to buy Bloodborne, which would be an incredibly stupid idea, because I already have one video game to play as is and oh also it’s supposed to be really hard and I will be terrible at it and hate it and stop playing after a couple of hours and I will have wasted sixty bucks.  The fact that I know this and I’m still fighting off the urge to go buy it right now indicates a very real problem with my mental health.

How’re you?