Proof of slightly alive

Monday night, when we went to bed, we decided to leave a window open to produce perfect sleepin’ weather in the room. Tuesday morning I woke up with a cold– one of those things where there’s no getting sick process, just oh, I guess I’m sick.

I got home from work on Tuesday and went to bed. Immediately. I woke up at 3:45 AM and called in sick then went back to bed until about 45 minutes ago, when my family got home and I moved into the living room. I doubt it will be more than another couple of hours until I’m in bed again.


4 thoughts on “Proof of slightly alive

      1. Upon further investigation, this was announced a while ago, and a friend made it sound brand new. Side eye But it still sounds like a terrible idea – requiring a job, acceptance letter, or military enrollment to get your diploma?!


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