I am only barely alive

I dunno what’s going on around here today, but I got up just before 9:00 this morning and, as of this moment, I have been yawning for ten and a half hours. Both my wife and I spent prolonged periods of time today acting as immobile sleep stations for cats. I had plans today, dammit, and lazing around the house in a semi coma wasn’t among them.

I didn’t even sleep poorly last night. There’s no reason for me to be this tired but I’ve been a damn zombie since the moment I got up.

Throw away the whole bucket list

We went to the county 4-H Fair today, and for the first time in my life I tried deep-fried Oreos.

I think that it’s probably okay if I die now. Not because they were, like, delicious or anything, but because I have been suffering for the last few hours and I think it’s best if I am never in circumstances where I might put one of those things into my body again.

“Still alive” counts as a circumstance, I think.

Also, I rode a ride with my son, a ride that turned out to have an extra chest belt that I didn’t notice, and when I pointed out to the guy running the ride that there was no universe where the thing was going to fit me, he shrugged and said “You OK?” and then walked away.

I didn’t fall out of the ride, so I guess I was OK, but … is this how we do things now?

Today was a nightmare from hell

but then we went to the zoo and looked at the pretty lights, and that was nice. Have a family zoo train selfie.

In which you’ve got to be kidding me

We have had, despite global climate change and all that, a pretty damn mild summer here in Northern Indiana. So naturally now that we’re going back to school and I have to spend all my time around smelly-assed unwashed 8th graders the heat index has shot up to 105. I wish I could find someone specific to blame this on so I could have them shot. Genuinely. And that’s before they give everybody Covid. It’ll be a great first day.

That said, I’m as ready as I’m going to be; tomorrow’s session is going to be only partially improvised, which is about as good as I can hope for given that I spent most of the day only barely able to remember how teaching actually works. And I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to sleep tonight, too. I think. Maybe.

Expect me to be quietish the next couple of days, as most of my life activities are going to involve coming home from work and dying. For now, I’m going to stay in the air conditioning and curl up with Jade Legacy and see if I can finish it before bed. If Fonda Lee hits the dismount as effectively as I’m expecting her to, this series instantly becomes one of the greatest triumphs of fantasy literature I’ve ever encountered. I have high hopes.

I think I’ll disappear now

Hey, remember how a couple of weeks ago I had lox for the first time and I was all “Hey, that was good“?

I had another one this morning, and now I am never eating 1) lox, 2) cream cheese, 3) capers, 4) tomatoes, 5) red onions, 6) bagels or 7) anything at all ever again.

I am not going to describe the nature or the quality of the distress I have been experiencing today but there was something wrong with that bagel.

I had a couple of posts planned– I finished a good book last night, and some interesting stuff has happened at work in the last couple of days, but right now I’m going to go lie down and try not to die.