Explain this to me

CHIP is funded for six more years, we’ve got three more weeks to get a clean DACA vote scheduled, and y’all are… mad?

Never mind.  Don’t explain it.  Y’all are mad because being mad is what y’all do.  Funding CHIP is a win, period.

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Luther M. Siler

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3 thoughts on “Explain this to me

  1. I’m mad because I don’t trust the GOP’s word. They promised their own Senators things in order to secure a vote, then fucked over those same people. Now they’re promising Democrat Senators something in order to secure a vote. I have no hopes on seeing that happen.


    1. Actually, that I can get with. But here’s the thing: no DACA vote, like y’all promised? We can shut the government down again in three weeks. We’ve still got CHIP funded. What, nine million kids taken care of, and nine million fewer people for them to hold hostage? I’m cool with that. No vote on DACA, fine, no vote on a CR in three weeks. They got blamed this time, they’ll get blamed again.


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