In which Twitter is down and I don’t know what to do

sick.jpgI spent all day yesterday in bed.  Understand that when I say that I am speaking damn near literally.  During the 24 hours that constituted Thursday, October 20th, I spent all but maybe an hour in bed, and that hour was only for the occasional undeniable biological need and to get my son to school.  Then there were the seven and a half hours from 11:59 PM on Thursday to waking up this morning and taking the boy to school again, and we’re looking at something like 31 straight hours in bed, almost all of that hard asleep.

Food poisoning– or, to be fair to Bob Evans, 24-hour rapid-onset intestinal distress that may or may not have been related to my dinner– is a bitch.  I’m still kinda achy and queasy but I’m assuming that that’s because of the aforementioned thirty-some-odd hours in a row spent flat on my back.  I was really hoping that when I woke up and rejoined the world that the election would be over, or at least Trump would have dropped out, but instead Twitter is down and as far as I know the election is still going on, which really seems unfair given the circumstances. I’m gonna need Twitter back if I’m going to make it through the day, guys.  Like, now.

Ah.  This is why.  Yikes.

Spends half an hour in the bathroom.  Apparently I’m not quite fixed yet.  On the plus side, Twitter’s back up when I emerge.

So.  Yeah. Anyway.  I’ve owned an iPhone 7+ for a few days now, and I’m happy but unsurprised to announce that I like it.  I got used to the extra size immediately, and little things like the fact that the screen automatically turns on when I pick the phone up (and, finally, rotates to landscape) are pleasing to me.  I haven’t had much of a chance to fiddle with the new camera yet but I can verify that it handles dark rooms like nobody’s business, which is fantastic.  It seems to not get along as well with my home network as I’d like, but that’s got at least a small chance of being my network’s fault.  The fingerprint sensor is fast as hell and the haptics are on-point to a degree that is frankly frightening.  Are we sure the new Home button doesn’t move?  Because it sure as hell feels like it moves.  It’s actually kind of creepy.

Tonight’s big plan is to watch Fox’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I’m hoping is streamable from Hulu or something, since I missed it yesterday due to the aforementioned near-death experience.  Then… back to work, I guess.  Anybody need furniture?

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