In which there is nothing going on’s been several days since I wrote a blog post with more than a few sentences of original content in it, so it would probably be good to do that today, I suppose.  The problem is that immediately after writing a post about how much I liked my job I immediately went straight into a couple of nightmare days, including one where there was only two of us (one of the “us” being me, of course) available to unload two trucks full of furniture, a job that normally involves no less than five people.

It took four fucking hours.  Normally, we’re done in less than one.  I hurt myself halfway through, but by then a third person had shown up, so he took over for me.  Don’t be alarmed, it was just a muscle pull, but shit.  My least favorite thing about working at this job is being sweaty all the time.  I’m basically at the point where I’m coming to work on Tuesdays prepared to give myself a sponge bath in the men’s room after the truck gets unloaded.   On the plus side, I did well in sales this week with the weekend still to come, but holy shit did I have to wade through some nonsense in order to get that accomplished.

But anyway.

I’m going to get some fiction written tomorrow if it kills me.  I want a book out by Halloween, goddammit, and since it’s August and all I probably ought to get moving on getting the effing manuscript finished.  There really isn’t much more to go; it’s mapped out in my head, I just need to get everything left onto the damn page.  Screen.


I keep almost writing posts about the election, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve written less about this election than any other one since, probably, 2000, when I only barely had a blog.  Donald Trump has lost the power to meaningfully piss me off, it seems, and I just don’t believe that he actually has any chance to win the election, so it’s just a matter of enduring the whole mess until it’s over.  It’s not like there’s not been plenty to write about, I just haven’t been able to muster the will to bother.

Tomorrow I have an actual day off.  I have an eye appointment at 2:30.  Hopefully I’ll use the time before that productively, somehow, and not just crawl the hell into bed and die again.  We’ll see.