#WeekendCoffeeShare: Ignorance Edition


If we were having coffee, we’d… I dunno, talk about Brexit?  It seems to be what all the cool kids are doing lately.  Trouble is, I don’t really know a damn thing about it, other than that I’m sort of tribally on the Remain side.  Every person whose opinion I respect who has been paying attention (mostly actual British people)– and I’m not joking, it’s unanimous— has been on the Remain side, and the one vocal person on the Leave side stole five minutes of my life the day after the vote to rant about immigration.  Generally, at this point in my life, “vote against what people who rant about immigration want” has become a useful guideline, as has “vote against what old white people want.”  Both appear to be on the same side here, so I guess I’m at least nominally on the other one, though for no better reason than a vague hand-wave and “those people are usually wrong.”  I can’t present, like, an actual useful argument.

I would be willing to bet an inconsequential amount of money that it never actually happens, by the way, if that’s something that you’d find entertaining.  Remember, the referendum’s not binding.  The UK hasn’t actually left the EU yet.

We’d talk about my new job, which is basically all I’ve been doing with my week on the blog, so I won’t spend much time on it here.  Needless to say, I’m halfway through the “training” period, and as of Friday was starting to feel like I was learning genuinely useful stuff rather than absorbing corporate policies that are either obvious (Don’t steal!  Don’t grab butts!) or bear little relevance to what I’ll actually be doing on a day-to-day basis.  I remain super excited about this and look forward to seeing how good I can get at it.  I’m just looking forward to having something new to talk about.

It’s a beautiful day outside, so naturally I’m planning on spending most of it inside cleaning.  I work at OtherJob tonight, but once we’re done with our coffee date I have at least vague plans to spend the rest of the day cleaning and getting some minor tasks accomplished around the house.  Tomorrow is an actual Day Off, and I’m hugely excited about the fact that I’ve worked for six days straight and that “day off” is a viable concept for my no-longer-unemployed ass again.  I’m planning on cooking dinner.  There will be corn on the cob, as late June seems like a good time for corn on the cob.  I’m not sure what else we’re having, but that’s a start.

How’re you?

9 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Ignorance Edition

  1. It’s incredible to me that you can say you are against the Brexit while at the same time admitting you know little about it. Than you proceed to claim that, “it’s unanimous,: absolutely everybody is on the “remain side,” when in fact, clearly everyone is not since they voted to exit.


    1. Y’know, I rescued this from the spam filter to point out that this kind of bullshit comment is exactly why your comments go to the spam filter now. The ENTIRE FIRST PARAGRAPH explains why I’m “sort of tribally” against it– hardly a goddamned ringing endorsement, that– the fucking post is called “ignorance edition,” and I said “everyone whose opinion I respect who has been paying attention,” not “everyone.”

      In case you’ve ever wondered why you don’t get to comment here anymore, it’s because of shit like this– you clearly can’t be fucked to read carefully at all, but you feel free to be an abusive ass anyway. Take your sanctimony and blow it out your ass.


  2. In my depression about the referendum results, I was cheered to find that while I have been ‘off air’ you have got a job. Hope it is everything you need and that you are just what the employers needed too.
    Those of us in the ‘remain’ camp (nearly half the voters) are still stunned. I suspect that the country, having shot itself in the foot, is going to have to live with the consequences. Several of the towns with the highest level of ‘Leave’ votes have virtually no immigrants – but they do have sky-high unemployment. They have been deliberately misled by politicians with non-existent morals and newspapers with negative morality. Hate crime has risen, horrible posters have appeared… I’d better stop. I must also stop feeling smug about Americans being fool enough to vote for Trump.


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