The view from the doorway.  Still some cleaning and straightening to do, obviously, and the books need to go back on the shelves, but:


There is a cat in this picture, by the way:


So that’s that, for now.  There was some fun with archaeology the way there always is when you do any kind of renovation in an old house, as the little nook in the back appears to have had some built-in architecture removed at some point– there were tack strips nailed down across the middle of the floor and some weird traces of paint and one bit of wall with missing baseboards.  The floor is otherwise undamaged, though, and as you can see it looks great.

Oh, and we just pulled up a corner of the carpet in our perfect rectangle dining room to reveal ordinary subflooring underneath, and I said the words “This would be the easiest hardwood flooring job ever, if we wanted to try it.”  I don’t know why I said those words.

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4 thoughts on “Booyah!

  1. Nice!! But you do have to be a little more careful about letting words out before thinking ahead (as I also have found out to my detriment in the past…) That being said, I am sure your dining room will look wonderful and I look forward to seeing those pictures 🙂


  2. You are now addicted to renovating floors … this may or may not lead to another source of income.

    That’s one good looking floor.

    Couldn’t find the cat, I’m guessing it’s either under the bed or under the books 😀


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