Okay come on now

The following results were returned– in fact, were the first seven results– by a search on Indeed.com that specifically excluded the words “nanny” and “babysitter” and specified within 25 miles of my house:Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 11.44.04 AM

Two jobs in New York and only one job that doesn’t use one of the words the search was supposed to eliminate.  Nice job, Indeed.com!  Perhaps you could use someone skilled with coding to rework how your search functionality does its job?

(I will never not be mystified about how I can do a search for a thing on a site, and get results that don’t use the words I searched for before I get results that do.)

In other news, fiction is actually being produced right now.  It has been a long time since that was true.  But yes!  I am working on a Benevolence Archives story in between pointless job searches.

6 thoughts on “Okay come on now

  1. I feel your pain. Linkedin occasionally sends me “jobs that match my profile” that contain listings for emergency room physician, skilled oil field mechanic, and Avon direct sales, all in the same message. Either the matching algorithm should be taken out and shot, or someone has confused me with Buckaroo Bonzai.


    1. They are ABSOLUTELY CONVINCED that I need to work for Aflac and also be a medical consultant. And the daily spam from people finding me through careerfinder.com is worse. U WNAT JOB? SEND CREDIT CARD NUBMER $*80,000/YEAR!?


  2. I do have to wonder how that IT job got mixed in with those particular results – unless there really are NO jobs in the area you’re looking, and Indeed decided to start including the excluded ones just to give you something to look at. Seeing those nanny ads, all I can think of is the movie “Mrs. Doubtfire”.

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    1. There are a surprisingly large number of jobs in my area– they’re just mostly either jobs I can’t do for one reason or another or jobs that I’m unlikely to get hired for because of my age and experience. I’d actually apply for several different entry-level type positions that I’ve seen except for the bit where they see my resume and a guy who is clearly in his late thirties if not older and assume that I’ll be moving on quickly. Which may well be true.

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