#AtoZChallenge, Day 3: Corvix Clan


The Corvix Clan is a clan of goblins, based on Arradon, many of whose members work at the resort owned by Rhundi Tavh’re’muil.  Goblins are similar in appearance to gnomes, although goblins are a bit smaller and generally eschew wearing clothing in favor of their natural covering of fur.  Goblins are also strongly clan-based and rarely allow their personal names to be used outside of clan members.  Rhundi’s resort employs at least a dozen members of the Corvix clan, since the Corvix gnome who speaks with Rhundi at the beginning of the short story The Contract identifies herself as Twelfth Corvix.

My theme for this year’s A to Z challenge is my series The Benevolence Archives.  You can learn more about the series by going to the Amazon page for Volume 1 here or add it to a Goodreads shelf here.  

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