#WeekendCoffeeShare: Spring Break Edition


If– if— we were having coffee, I would be ever so glad to be having coffee with you.  So.  Very.  Glad.  Because, presumably, having a weekend cup of coffee would mean that I was out in public and having a Conversation with an Adult, which is a thing that has been incredibly rare lately.  Don’t get me wrong– I love my wife and my parents, but other than the three of them I think the last time I had a conversation with another grown-up who wasn’t some sort of employee at a place where I was buying something was last Saturday.  If I restrict it to specifically social settings, I might have to go back to C2E2, which was, what, two weeks ago?

In other news, I’ve survived the first week of my son’s Spring Break, and there’s another week to go, and then a four-day period where my wife is in Boston for work stuff and I don’t even have her around.  I’ve never been to Boston, and I’m insanely jealous.  If I’m still remotely human come April 13, I want some sort of award.  Also, I have jury duty on the 12th.  So … yeah.

Anyway.  Have you been watching Daredevil?  I’ve liked the second season a hell of a lot more than the first, mostly because replacing the show’s terrible rendition of the Kingpin with Elektra and the Punisher has been an impressive upgrade.  I won’t spoil anything just yet, but I am very much in the minority in that I think D’Onofrio’s portrayal of the Kingpin was/is awful, and the less of him around the better.  We’ve watched through to the final episode, which we’ll watch tonight, and then I somehow have to spend the next 24 hours avoiding Walking Dead spoilers until we can watch the finale of that Monday night.

I’m showing signs of finally moving out of the Lexapro haze, too, which is good; I’m currently about six days ahead on the A to Z Challenge, and I hope to get much farther ahead today.  It’s been about a month since I started taking it, which is supposedly about as long as you need to get used to the side effects.  I’m very ready to be done with being unmotivated and exhausted all the time, so that’s all sorts of good news.

So, yeah.  That’s me.  How’re you?

7 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Spring Break Edition

  1. Not having read the comics, I can’t make a comparison so I love D’Onofrio. Menacing and child like simultaneously, and terribly scary. Also, series 2 Daredevil IS better than 1, but I can’t put my finger on why. Perhaps because we meet The Punisher, who is just plain weird, and Elektra, whose moves I want very badly. She is a rock solid character, very complex.


  2. i also am unmotivated and exhausted all the time, but i have nothing to blame it on besides just basically being useless as a human being. WHERE IS THE MEDICATION FOR THAT, sir.

    the entire reason i inhabited my first blog was because of the whole, no adult conversation for daaaaays thing. that interaction was my ONLY interaction outside of a couple of toddlers, a very great deal of the time, and it may well have been the only thing that kept me from needing a nice bed in a pretty white hospital. coffee would’ve been a goddamned miracle, i tell you what.


  3. I hope the Lexapro haze fades and it works well for you – I’m really pleased with that medication myself, but I know that it doesn’t work well for everyone. I know that at one point I turned into a zombie and had to cut down my dosage because it was a horrible way to go through life.


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