Oh right this needs a title

bored-kitty.jpgSo far, Spring Break has consisted of a lot of Transformers cartoons interspersed with occasional attempts to teach the boy to read and preparing a neverending succession of grilled cheese sandwiches.  He’s actually getting pretty decent with a list of basic sight words; we’ll see if I can get him up to Dostoyevsky in the week and a half remaining before school starts again.  Probably not, but goals are a good thing.

Outside of that and stressing the fuck out about the job market, though, there’s not been much else.  I’m growing rather unpleasantly tired of my own bullshit, and am in that stage of bored where I can think of a dozen things I ought to be doing (not least among which would be getting something done on the A to Z challenge, which starts Friday) but being so unmotivated that I’m simply noting that they’re still out there and moving on with continuing to do not a whole lot.  Last year my A to Z posts were completely done by now.  I have them all scheduled but not a single one written yet.

I am sure that this is at least as exciting to read about as it is to live through.

I have just noticed that the keyboard in that picture is facing the wrong way, and it’s really getting on my nerves.

…yeah, that’s what I’ve got.  Gonna take the boy to the comic shop and maybe try to get a short story finished this afternoon.  We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Oh right this needs a title

    1. I remember those days….For many years I always had 2 cat companions….Love the photo…

      NOw, as for the writer’s current state of mind….start writing A and you’ll get over it…. oh, BTW… what is the A-Z challenge…? These things don’t usually work for me but I need some writing motivation at the moment. I’m tied to my easel painting and need, need to also get writing done! HELP! Please……………….


  1. Goth Kitty Lady

    Can’t help with the job market, but the boredom and the reading boost…well, this may not get you to Dostoyevsky, but there’s a Beginner Books Video called Dr. Seuss’s ABC, it’s just the video version of the book by the same name. My kids loved it when they were little, and it’s not adult-annoying unless you just hate Dr. Seuss. I’m sure you can find it at the library, or in some big online video repository where Google will no doubt lead you if you search for the title. 😉


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