On my activities so far today

Blood-Test-Picture.jpgI got up a bit earlier than usual because I needed to have a blood draw this morning and since it had to be fasting I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.  I have the veins of a heroin addict; generally whenever I need to have blood drawn for any reason it will take multiple nurses and multiple sticks with the needle in various places before it works, regardless of the experience or talent level of the nurses involved.  When I was hospitalized the second time in October I actually lost track of how many people it took before someone successfully got an IV in me; my record at the local phlebotomy joint is six sticks and three nurses.

In between sticks two and three this morning, I passed out.  Second time that has happened, and I don’t recommend it.  The nurses get real bossy when it happens, for starters, hollering about sitting up and keeping your eyes open and uncrossing your feet and breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth and all sorts of it would be inconvenient if you died here sorts of things.  Just let me sleep!  I wanna sleeeeep.  But I did not die, and the third stick– in the back of my hand, where I’m going to start insisting they start— finally actually successfully drew blood.

True fact: I am legally unable to donate blood, due to a false positive hepatitis B test in college.  I do not and have never had hepatitis, but apparently once you have even a false positive they blacklist you.  Which is fine, because given my issues with getting blood out of my veins donating blood is not a method of charity I’m going to be partial to anyway, but it’s nice to have an actual excuse other than “I have no veins, and my arms are made of jelly.”

At any rate, I’m hoping the rest of the day improves.

7 thoughts on “On my activities so far today

  1. Ugh. On the arm where you can easily see the veins, they roll, and no one can hit one of them. The arm where the veins aren’t easily seen, is best. I have to tell them every time.

    When I was pregnant, and was doing the glucose test, the last blood draw was like your experience. They won’t let you drink anything for the 3-4 hours that it takes, so I was really dehydrated by the end. Three nurses, three attempts each, had to go for the back of the hand. It was the pits.


    1. I have both– they can never find my veins, and when they do, they tend to roll out of the way. It would also help if I would ever remember to drink a ton of water before a scheduled blood draw, because I never do, especially for a fasting draw like today’s was.


  2. The last time I donated blood was several years ago, after which I nearly passed out and then threw up; I also don’t recommend that lol. It’s a shame because I have a good blood type, and my veins aren’t a problem.
    I had to have a blood test recently and the wonderful nurse made me talk through the whole thing so I wouldn’t pay attention to the draw. It’s funny, because I work with animal tissue and blood all day long, but when it’s my own blood coming out of me…Nope!

    I hope the rest of your day improves, as well.


  3. I pass out fairly frequently too, so I insist that they provide me with a bed (as opposed to a chair) when stealing blood. I also try and keep chewing gum on me, ready to chew if I realise I’m about to go… that helps me stay conscious (although I’m not sure if it counts as food/drink).


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