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So since last weekend was Valentine’s Day, and Skylights … has a red cover?  Sure, let’s go with that– we’re putting it on sale for a week, starting just as soon as Amazon decides it’s 8:00 AM.  One of these days I’ll figure out what time zone Amazon is on.  We’re doing one of those Kindle Countdown dealies, so it’ll start at just 99 cents (a full 80% off!) and every so often the price will go up a buck until it’s back to regular price sometime on February 22nd.

I’ll keep y’all posted.  But for now, or at least for soon, Skylights is 99 cents, and you really ought to get on that deal.

In other news, the first Prostetnic Publications newsletter finally went out yesterday, and not only did those folks get advanced warning of the sale, but they got an excerpt from Sunlight, due out … sometime!  Wow!  You should sign up for the mailing list; I really don’t send out a whole lot of emails and I’ll make sure when I do they’re worth reading.

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