Oh well, whatever, nevermind

If I let even a single syllable of what’s been running through my head the past couple of days out and onto a screen, I’mma have the fucking Secret Service at my door, and I don’t need that kind of aggravation right now.  So instead all of my books are free this weekend— including Balremesh and other stories, for the first time–and here’s a picture of a kitten.


(Also, if you’ve read any of my books, especially Balremesh, I am explicitly and openly begging for reviews right now.  Seriously.  Please.)

Want some free stuff?

I’ve not written anything in the last few days, mostly because my options were “paralyzing anger” and “more paralyzing anger.”  Today upgraded everything to “so angry I can’t breathe,” and rather than indulge myself in that at the moment I’m just going to put a bunch of my books up for free.  I’ve done a Star Wars Day promotion pretty much every year since my first book came out; I completely flaked on it this time.  Let’s fix that.

Tomorrow and Saturday only, all four of my books will be free on Amazon.  I don’t think I’ve done all four at the same time before.  Check them out:

The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1
The Sanctum of the Sphere: Vol. 2 of the Benevolence Archives
Searching for Malumba: Why Teaching is Terrible, and Why we Do It Anyway

Some book news

cropped-img_3273.jpgAll of my books other than Searching for Malumba have been re-submitted to Smashwords, and should be available there soon and propagating to the various other online bookstores soon afterwards.  Malumba comes off of Kindle Select in late July and will be popping back up everywhere soon after that.  This marks the third time, I think, that I’ve gone back and forth from “Amazon exclusivity” to “available everywhere,” and I will obviously let you know the next time I change my mind again.

What’s made the difference?  Mostly that my books aren’t selling for shit on Amazon right now anyway, and so there’s no good reason not to broaden the number of places they can sell poorly at.  🙂  I feel like I’ve done enough free giveaways over the last six months or so of Amazon exclusivity that I’m reaching a saturation point with people I currently reach who might download them, so it’s time to spread my reach out again and see how well that works for me.  At least BA Vol 1 will be showing up on OpenBooks again, and it is, notably, once again permanently free on Smashwords and the Smashwords affiliates if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Also: I’ve hinted around a bit at this, but it’s official now: I have a cover artist in the early stages of working on the cover for Tales from the Benevolence Archives, and the characters will be on the cover.  I am so fucking stoked for this that I don’t even know what to do about it.  Who’s the artist?  His name is Jamie Noble Frier.  This guy.  I cannot wait to see what his early sketches of Brazel and Rhundi look like; we’ll see how much he’s willing to let me post of the early stuff.

I, uh, guess I ought to go work on getting the book finished now.  🙂


510Cy7ZwEHL._SX338_BO1,204,203,200_…sooner or later.

So since last weekend was Valentine’s Day, and Skylights … has a red cover?  Sure, let’s go with that– we’re putting it on sale for a week, starting just as soon as Amazon decides it’s 8:00 AM.  One of these days I’ll figure out what time zone Amazon is on.  We’re doing one of those Kindle Countdown dealies, so it’ll start at just 99 cents (a full 80% off!) and every so often the price will go up a buck until it’s back to regular price sometime on February 22nd.

I’ll keep y’all posted.  But for now, or at least for soon, Skylights is 99 cents, and you really ought to get on that deal.

In other news, the first Prostetnic Publications newsletter finally went out yesterday, and not only did those folks get advanced warning of the sale, but they got an excerpt from Sunlight, due out … sometime!  Wow!  You should sign up for the mailing list; I really don’t send out a whole lot of emails and I’ll make sure when I do they’re worth reading.

SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA free today and tomorrow

My teaching memoir Searching for Malumba is free today!  So, if that implies any action on your part, go for it.


Luther M. Siler’s long-awaited book about teaching, SEARCHING FOR MALUMBA collects nearly 150 of the best of his essays and blog posts from 15 years of writing about American urban education. Alternately hilarious, sad, furious, horrifying, and touching, as well as frequently profane, Siler’s writings shed a light on the reality of teaching in America’s urban schools during the reign of the No Child Left Behind Act and the rise of standardized testing.  Available as an ebook and in print.