#WeekendCoffeeShare: Vidya Gaemz edition


If we were having coffee, I’d be grateful: it would mean I was sitting down and out of the house and talking to an adult who is not my wife.  I love my wife dearly, don’t get me wrong, but this “unemployed/full time author” thing means I speak to no adults other than her on a typical day, and I miss contact with grown-ups.  Hell, I’m even starting to miss contact with kids, as the only one of those I ever see is my own son.

Yes, fine, I admit it, I’m starting to miss certain aspects of teaching, and all aspects of having a job.

You know what else I miss?  Video games.  I’m hoping you’re a gamer, because I kind of want to talk about them.  When winter break rolled around and I stopped having uninterrupted blocks of time during the day because the boy was around, I stopped playing Fallout 4, and I haven’t been back to it since.  I have three or four games on my iPad that get a lot of attention, but I just don’t seem to be able to carve out time for console gaming any longer (winter break has been over for nearly a month, remember) and when I do whatever I’m playing inevitably pisses me off somehow.

An example: I just heard from someone on Twitter that she bought The Witcher 3, a game I’d previously decided not to bother with, and she had to download twenty gigabytes of patches and updates before actually getting to play:

Which … holy crap, I’d never even fucking play the thing.  That would literally make me so angry that I’d abandon the very idea of playing the fucking game.  (Think I’m kidding?  I’ve done it before.)  I cannot properly express how much I hate what has happened with this generation of consoles.  I mean, that’s, what, eight hours of downloads, and who the hell knows what kind of shit your cable company pulls afterwards if you’re with the wrong people.  Bah.

For someone who spends ridiculous amounts of time sitting in front of his computer, you’d think computer gaming would be a viable use of my time.  Also no, despite being able to name several games off the top of my head that I’d like to be playing or that I actually have on my computer and have never actually opened.  Why?  I dunno.  I just don’t.  And I miss it, but despite having loads of free time and the means to be doing whatever I want, I’m not doing anything about it.

So I’m hoping you do, and we can talk about the games you’re playing, so that I can live vicariously through you.

The end.

7 thoughts on “#WeekendCoffeeShare: Vidya Gaemz edition

  1. I’m sorry I’m not a gamer but I am a writer and work from home on my own all day so understand how you feel. Though I quite like my own company. I do have two dogs to talk to however and cuddle whenever I’m taking a break so I’m not totally alone and they don’t answer back 🙂

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  2. Are there any games you can play anymore that are NOT online? I’m an empire builder (no wars thanks; I have NO strategy capability at all) and I love Caesar whatever but when my son gave me Caesar 5 it was on Steam online and I can only play it online. I just want to play by myself thanks. Whatever happened to introversion?


  3. I’ve been playing Life is Strange which is really great. I also just got LEGO Batman 3. Super excited to play as all the DC characters. I know they’re for children but I freaking love the LEGO games.


    1. Every time I’ve tried to get into them I’ve failed. The camera’s always too fiddly and there’s too much pixel-hunting for me. I just saw Life is Strange at Target tonight and it caught my eye for some reason; weird to have someone mention it right away.


      1. Oh yeah, especially in co-op mode the camera drives me nuts.

        I’ve played the first of five chapters of Life is Strange, and I’m loving the story and gameplay, and there are some fantasy elements that are cool. My husband played it last year and he’s been on me to play it ever since.


  4. Oh, now, what I like are games like Supreme Ruler: Cold War that are too impossibly difficult to play, give absolutely no useful guidance about how to play, and have only a couple of derelict Wikis that half-explain stuff and refer to images that aren’t there.


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