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Been thinking about ways to fiddle with the blog, and one thing that keeps persistently coming up is a static (ish) front page that’s more book-focused and authory, with a link from there to the actual blog itself, which would basically look just like it does now.  You might remember I did a survey a few weeks ago about how people read the site.  I got a decent number of responses to that and discovered that way more people than I would have thought— just over half– of my readers are using WordPress’ reader software to look at the blog.  I’ve hardly ever touched the thing and had the idea that most folks thought it was useless, but apparently either I was wrong about that or people think it’s useless and use it anyway due to some deep-seated cultural disgust with bookmarks that I wasn’t aware was out there.

The good news, though, is that those people wouldn’t be inconvenienced by suddenly being pointed somewhere static, because they’re not visiting the site that way anyway.  In fact, it looks like if I pointed the domain name at a static site instead of the blog, only about 5% of my readers would need to change their bookmarks.

Anybody wanna suggest a theme that would play nicely with that sort of thing?

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4 thoughts on “Blog nattery

  1. Reader is the only way I read other blog posts. I’m been blogging 4 years but always out of the loop on terms like static site and static-ish
    front page. I had a 5 month no blog stretch and now there is much to catch up on. I couldn’t find a comment on your post but luckily there is a comment caption for your post on reader. Claudia


  2. To give another reason for using the reader – I only got as far as chapter 1, page 1 when learning to use wordpress, and have saved any additional learning capacity for working out how the heck to do certain things when writing my own posts. Basically without the reader I’d assume this place was a vacuum 😉 This is due to my own Luddite tendencies as opposed to any brilliance on the part of the reader software 😉

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  3. Reader works well on the iPhone. On the down side there is literally no way to do a general search on Reader whether on laptop or other device. Gives me the shits.


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