Site redesign question

(NOTE: If you’re one of the “visits the site directly” people, this is pinned for a couple of days.  Scroll down for new stuff.)

If you’re a regular reader (I’ll leave the definition of “regular” up to you; if you think you’re regular, you are) I’d really, really appreciate an answer here:

6 thoughts on “Site redesign question

  1. Rose F

    FB is probably the first way. If I haven’t seen a post in a while and wonder what you’re up to, I’ll type “in” in the browser. It is spying on me and knows where I’m headed.

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  2. Until recently, I used the WordPress reader. (I’ve been having trouble with WordPress in general ever since updating stuff on my computer.) I get email updates for THIS blog, though, so I still get to see new posts here. I also see direct links on Facebook.


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