So much for that, I guess

tumblr_inline_n04m1jSVXI1rxlkcnSo as part of my list of Morning Things that I was going to do today, I planned on paying at least the 30% deposit for my booth at C2E2 this March.  Now, they want $912 for the booth, so even the deposit is just south of $300.

Shit shoulda taken five minutes, and only taken that long because I would have needed that extra three-digit number from the back of the card and so I’d have had to go find it.

It is now an hour and a half later, and I’ve invented some swear words in the meantime.  These people simply do not want my money.  I want to pay that bill with a credit card, because … well, fuck you, you don’t actually need a reason, I want to pay for it with a credit card because it’s 20goddamn15 and you can pay for everything with fucking credit cards.

They want either a paper “company check” sent to them (I don’t know what the difference between a “company check” and a “personal check” is, and my Prostetnic account doesn’t have a checkbook anyway) or a wire transfer or for me to give them a forty dollar convenience fee to use a credit card.

To do a wire transfer would be possible but it appears that I would have to open a checking account on my Bank of America card, which isn’t the account I wanted to use anyway, and then I’d have to pay them a fee.  I am not opening any additional accounts with anyone and I am not paying any third parties, particularly Bank of Fucking America, any sort of fee in order to pay Reed Exhibitions some money that they apparently don’t want from me anyway.  And I’ll offer my body as a masturbatory aid for horses before I pay any fucker $40 to use a credit card in 2015.

Irate emails have been sent; I doubt they will get me anywhere, which means Reed Exhibitions doesn’t want my money and I will therefore not be attending the convention after all.  Given that I was almost certain to lose money on the effort anyway I am sure as shined shit going to spend money so that I can send them money.  


This has eaten my entire morning, by the way, and I’m way too pissed off to transition straight into writing right now, so I’m going to take a shower and eat lunch and then hopefully have an insanely productive goddamn afternoon.  I should send these fuckers a bill; my time is worth money and they have wasted a hell of a lot of it this morning with this nonsense.

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  1. the number of trips i made to the actual bank, the number of phone calls i made to [i don’t even know who the fuckall], the number of emails i sent at odd hours to the UK or latvia or some shit, for the GREAT AND GRAND PRIVILEGE of spending basically a new car for our trip last summer still makes me want to punch a bitch. why do i have to argue and beg and grovel for the opportunity to give you all the money i own, plus a bunch more i’m just hoping i’ll own at some point? KILLMURDERKILL

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    1. The thing is, though, you were GOING TO TANZANIA. I’d be willing to put up with some nonsense in payment (not that I don’t believe that it was insanely aggravating) in order to climb a mountain in the middle of some other continent. I want to sell books from a table in the largest convention center in one of the biggest cities in the US, a city that is basically in my backyard. And they won’t take the most common method of payment in the world. Horseshit.

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  2. First of all… $912 for a booth!??!? Seriously!??! That’s outrageous. I have never, ever paid that much at a con, and I’ve sold at some pretty big cons. Heck, the table our company is looking at for Gen Gon isn’t going to be that much. What the hell!?!?!!??

    Second off, good luck X_X. ugh.

    Third off, for $900 you could attend 3 Wizard world cons, fyi.


    1. I am foolishly typing this before checking, but I coulda sworn I looked at Wizard World Chicago and it was substantially more expensive than C2E2.

      Also, email me regarding Gen Con; I have questions.


  3. I heard something very similar from my illustrator over the weekend. The general thought is they do want your money but they want to make sure they can keep it and they are dealing with a tremendous number of flaky people. Her gripe wasn’t actually with the organizers but with other booths. No-shows and early leaves are disastrous to the vendors who show up and stay until the venue closes.

    From the organizers’ POV, they give themselves immunity from charge-backs by not accepting credit cards.


  4. Rose F

    “And I’ll offer my body as a masturbatory aid for horses before I pay any fucker $40 to use a credit card…” Am now envisioning society of sentient, sexually deviant horses with human sex slaves for masturbatory purposes and other things I do not want to be thinking about. There are these weird retro scifi chariot things that look like something out of Star Trek: TOS. Scifi-brain insists I discover how they work and why they exist. THANK YOU, Luther.

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      1. Rose F

        LOL. I’ll get right on that once I’m done writing about sex-obsessed foxes using magic mirrors to travel through space and time and techno-wizards taking pod ships to Mars.


  5. I figured I’d use my first(?) comment on your site to alienate myself and piss everyone off.

    (Well first warm up your audience…) the idea that a convention would stand to make nearly a grand on each of 2,000(?) vendors is practically criminal. Vendors who, if they are anything like you, are barely scraping by trying to find work as some kind of artist. Ironically the ones who can afford it (e.g. large publishing companies) have the least need for the convention.

    But let me say I actually approve of charging extra for credit card transactions. As someone who runs a business and has to have a credit card machine, I know what the fees are like. It’s a labyrinthine trail of advanced accounting to figure out exactly what I’m paying for, but suffice it to say, it’s about 3% of every transaction. I’m extremely fortunate that my business doesn’t rely on this highway robbery.

    My ire is because this is why the 1% holds 35% of the wealth. When we’re paid through credit cards then spend on credit cards, and each person does the same, the first transaction takes 3%, the second takes another 3% (5.9% of the original), etc. until by the 14th time money changes hands, 35% of the original amount has been handed over to the credit card companies—a.k.a. the 1%.

    This page of comments testifies to the average person’s desperate desire for the use of credit cards. So I’m glad when someone turns around and puts the dollar amount right in our face. When you pay for $912 with a credit card, by my estimate some $27 is for credit card fees.

    That $27 is your tax to the rich.

    I guess the remaining $13 is their way of adding, “P.S. fuck you.”

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