EQjAirYI look forward to discovering how this is STILL worse than the one I started with later on today.

At any rate: having had another seriously low-productivity day yesterday, I have resolved to play no Fallout and write no blogs until Sunlight has at least 20000 words, and I really ought to shoot for at least 21-22K today.

So don’t tell anyone about this post.  It’s our secret.

Leave encouragement in comments.  Or, y’know, whatever.

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  1. I don’t like how linking be just good hard, my own posts aren’t proposed anymore. And putting a caption on a photo is not fun either (I don’t want the caption to be a back link).


    1. I’ll write a more comprehensive post later just to give it a run-through; I’m mostly just pointlessly mocking right now. I’m 300 words short of goal, but just finished a section, so I don’t know if that means I can post/shower/play video games yet.


    1. I’m still using the old editor, too, but things have changed anyway in the last few months (not sure exactly when, because I was away from the internet for a couple months), and I don’t like it at all.

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      1. What’s different? I haven’t noticed anything, but I’m not very observant until something actually makes my life harder. Then I yell.

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        1. I can’t change the font color anymore (it’s stuck as a sort of medium grey, which is a bit difficult to read), and I can’t justify the right-hand margins. Those are just the things I’ve noticed so far; I’m sure there’s more.

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          1. If you’re in the new-new hotness, there are three horizontal dots on the right side of the editing icons. Clicking that rotates them to vertical and brings up “advanced” editing, which includes text color.

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