A few announcements of less than staggering importance

venus-topFIRST!  That upon careful consideration of the known elements of the story, the in-progress sequel to Skylights, formerly known as Starlight, has been renamed to Sunlight.  While I am not officially participating in NaNoWriMo– in other words, you won’t be able to find an account for me on the site anywhere– I expect to be caught up on a 5oK words in November pace by the end of the evening tonight.  I hope to have Sunlight‘s first draft finished before winter break, or at least before what would be winter break if I was currently working at a school.  The progress bar is over there to your right, and you can expect that to be updated frequently as the month rolls on.  The name of the third book remains the same, and also remains a secret, because I like pretending I am important and keeping secrets from people.

SECOND!  The Sanctum of the Sphere still remains free, and will stay as such through the end of the night tonight.  Its performance provides me with further evidence that the best sign of how good a free book is going to do on any given day is how busy Amazon in general is– the book is higher ranked than Skylights was the last time I made it free, or at least close to it, but Skylights had an even hundred copies downloaded over the course of the day and Sanctum is currently sitting at twelve.  That’s ebb and flow at Amazon and there’s nothing I can do about it.  Go download it anyway!

THIRD!  Which is MORE THAN TWO, but SO WHAT!  I keep forgetting what the third announcement is supposed to be.  Oh, right!  I currently have my next three books planned out, which is vaguely ridiculous.  I expect Sunlight to be out in or around April of 2016, then the next Benevolence Archives book in fall of 2016, which will be a novel-length short story collection, and then in April of 2017 a stand-alone science fiction novel called The Imorah Protocol.  I am considering moving Imorah into 2016 and pushing back the next BA book a bit.  I don’t know who will care about this, but I’m telling you anyway!

Actually, I probably have my next five books planned out, because after whatever’s in early 2017 would be the third and final Skylights book, and then my fantasy novel that I have no idea for yet but I really want to write.  That means I’m set until late 2018!  That’s completely ridiculous!

That is all.