Whining: do not read


An announcement: I’m tired of basically the entire world right now, particularly the American politics and Internet parts of the world, but also including wide swaths of the entertainment and publishing and technology industries.  I have this weird Need for a New Thing going on right now that might indicate that capitalism has finally carved an unfillable hole in my soul and may just indicate that I’ve spent most of the last three weeks sitting around the house and not doing much.

Also possible: that I’m just Sundaying.  My doctor has already told me I’m not going back to work next week, meaning the next day that I need/get to leave the house to earn a living will be a week from Tuesday, since we’ve got a fall break coming up next weekend.  I need, somehow, to put together lesson plans when I have no real idea what’s gone on in my classroom for the next two days and don’t actually have any textbooks or materials handy.  That’s going to be interestingly tricky, and by “interestingly tricky” I mean “I very well may try to have one of the other fifth grade teachers write my lesson plans for me.”  Which I’m sure they’ll be very happy to do, seeing as how I’ve been totally useless to anyone I work with for the entire month of October.

I need to find something to do today other than kvetching and staring at electronic screens.  I have a couple of fiction projects that I want to work on this week but I feel like I probably ought not to worry about them today in favor of… something else.  Anything else.   I just dunno what.

What’s new in your life?  Gimme something interesting I don’t know about that I need to check out.

3 thoughts on “Whining: do not read

  1. To state the bleeding obvious it sounds like you’re depressed. Kipling’s solution was to dig (as in garden). Find a classic you haven’t read and bury yourself in it, do something your wife’s been asking you to do for months… do anything that enables you to put a tick in the virtue box… Sorry, nothing anyone suggests is likely to sound attractive right now.

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  2. J.R.Barker

    Tick something off your bucket list, go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but not got around to. Or go for a bike ride, that always makes me smile, even when to start with ‘I really don’t wanna!’


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