#WeekendCoffeeShare: Anything But That edition


Let’s see.

If we were having coffee, I’d…


I actually just got back from brunch with one of my oldest friends and her husband.  They’re in town about once a year, when they come in for a home Notre Dame game, and we tend to meet up for breakfast just north of campus.  What did we talk about?  The last three weeks, mostly, and doctors, and my job.  Shared some parenting stories; their daughter is a year and a half or so older than my son, and they have a 2 1/2 year old son too.

Problem is, I’m kinda tired of talking about the first 2/3 of those topics, because they’ve been consuming my life lately.  I made it through breakfast without mentioning a certain book I have coming out, too, and I feel like that’s a victory.  So it’s the parenting stuff.

Ooh!  I never mentioned this: we had our first parent-teacher conference as parents this week, which was kind of fun.  I’ve been on the other side of the table more times than I can count as an educator, but I’ve never before been the parent in that scenario.  The fun thing was figuring out that the teachers were a little gun-shy, almost as if after several years of working together at my son’s rather ridiculously expensive private school they were used to parents not really wanting to listen to criticism of their special snowflakes.

I love my son rather a lot, and he is a lot of things, but he is emphatically not a special snowflake, and he’s also not perfect.  My kid’s four.  He’s gonna screw up and do dumb stuff at four.  Their job is to let me know about it and my job is to fix it, not argue with them.  This is definitely one place where me being on the other side of the table is going to help.  He’d had some sort of stupid little personality conflict with another kid in his classroom this week, which required a bit of investigation on my wife’s and my part and a few clarifications from the other kid too.  I don’t know how the other parents reacted to it, but the teachers seemed to think we were gonna dig in our heels on the whole thing.


Once I get past that, though, I’m not sure how much I’ve got left.  I’m looking forward to spending this week and next working on some short stories before I get back to the Skylights sequel in November.  I’m hoping to have the first draft of that done by the end of the year, but you all know how slow I write.  Not super likely.

Anyway.  How’re you?  Read any good books lately?

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  1. I think it’s important as parents to have a balanced view of our children. There’s a danger in seeing them perfect or even special snowflakes. They are special to us, obviously, but the rest of the world, not so much.
    I recently read a good book about the city I’m currently living in (Bialystok – the book’s in Polish). The author did a great job developing a story line that began during WWII up to now and joying what would seem disparate narratives into an interesting and cohesive whole.
    I also finished Zadie Smith’s NW, which I hate to admit was underwhelming. I really wanted to love it.


  2. Thank you for coffee! The last book I read was The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, which I adored. Currently reading Aristotle & Dante discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz which is great but I’m lacking time to read.


  3. I’ve started to participate in a blog hop on Fridays, Friday Fictioneers. They post a photo as a prompt then the challenge is to write a 100 word story inspired by the prompt. It is sometimes a challenge to do it in 100 words and not everyone accomplishes it, but when they do I am often surprised by how these 100 words are both a complete story in their own right as well as perhaps the beginning of a fascinating novel! I’ve only participated for the last three weeks but I’m thinking that this is a good place to get some novel ideas for novels or novellas or even short stories. I haven’t been writing as much fiction as I used to. My blog posts used to consist just of my short stories. I would like to get back to that.

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  4. Luther, talking with the teachers is a very interesting experience…a bit like some of the conversations I’ve had with other parents when there’s been a scrap in the playgroup. I am well-known at the school as I’ve done the publicity for 5 years and am involved with the P & C. Things in our house get complicated by my chronic illness, which tends to make my son spiral when I’m not well or even perceived to be sick. The staff have been fabulous and his teacher has helped us make a through breakthroughs with dealing with his concerns.
    Our daughter is very bright but this comes with a whole swag of problems and inconsistent performance. She’s scored a few distinctions in national competitions but her class work isn’t consistent and if she can’t see the point of something, she’s completely immovable. She also seems to do much higher level thinking at home than at school. Does my head in.
    So no perfect snowflakes here. Just confusion.
    So, if we were having coffee, I’d say that parenting can be rather perplexing.
    Also, I’d tell you that I’ve read two great books lately. Through the last year, I’ve become friends with blogger Geoff Le Pard and he’s published two books. I’ve really enjoyed his blog but hadn’t taken the step to buy his books. I found it must easier to resist an image online than being able to touch and feel it at the bookshop. I ordered hard copies of his books because I wanted him to sign them and I must admit I was a bit surprised and impressed to see them in the flesh. His first book is “Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle” and the second is ‘My Father & Other Liars”. I read them in reverse order and have posted a review on my blog here: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/an-unauthorised-book-tour-my-father-other-liars-geoff-le-pard/
    I haven’t really reviewed the book as such but what it was like to read the book after knowing Geoff and my views about reading it. I’d be interested to get your feedback.
    Anyway, this has been quite an extended coffee. Take care xx Rowena


  5. Nice post.
    Did I just have coffee with a Notre Dame fan?!
    We will have to keep that one a secret, the guys in my shop just might question my loyalties to the Wolverines.
    I’m CJ by the way, and thanks for the coffee.


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