In which I tinker

awful-fail-resumes-funny-10Spent the evening polishing and updating my résumé; I’ve been fiddling with bits here and there but it was time for a more serious overhaul.  In particular, there’s a section now highlighting my skills with social media and mentioning oh, I wrote some books.  Now, this could backfire on me rather considerably, I imagine.  I don’t actually give my pen name or mention my website, but the fact is I’m applying for some jobs where familiarity with social media is a plus and it would probably be useful to point out that I’ve got 10,000 Twitter followers in cases like that.  Hopefully it won’t blow up in my face.  We’ll cross fingers.

In other news, I’ve been back at work for two days, and so far it hasn’t been that bad.  I’ve mostly kept a lid on my temper, a fact helped considerably by the fact that many of my more problematic kids are suspended right now. It’s amazing what pulling just three kids out of my afternoon group, in particular, does for the group dynamic.  They’re still not angels by any stretch but it moves them from one of the most demanding groups I’ve ever had to just average, and average I can easily handle.  The only problem I’ve been having is with getting up in the morning and (possibly medicine-related?) an incredible amount of morning nausea.  If I were a woman I’d be seriously wondering about pregnancy right now.  I was completely convinced yesterday in particular that I was going to have to charge out of the room and puke at any moment, but so far both days I’ve been able to keep it together.  I don’t know if it’s stress or the meds or just having to get up way before I’m ready for it (the exhaustion hasn’t gone away) or what but I’m kinda done with it and I’d like it to go away now.

Four days until my self-imposed Searching for Malumba MUST BE DONE deadline.  I probably oughtta get on that, huh?

4 thoughts on “In which I tinker

  1. I have a phd. No job. No wanna teach, neither. No drugs for me but I want some. Looking forward to Searching for Malumba; I hope there will be a connecting narrative so I can recommend it on Amazon to my friends in education. 👍


  2. Hang on in there. I am rooting for you to be feeling more even soon. I think it might be the time for you to leave Education… sometimes you just have to take the leap…


  3. I am doing what I did all the way through college even though I now have 2 BAs. Where I live now I cannot even substitute teach, even though I have done so in other places. As much as I love teaching, I am not going to get a teaching licence for a unreliable position like subbing.


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