September blogwanking: #SilerSaturday edition


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Assuming you bothered to click, you’ll notice quickly that my nobody-wants-my-books trend of August has come to a sudden and abrupt halt.  In case you don’t remember, I made all three of my books exclusive to Amazon this month, and have been fiddling around with free days.  The result:  a whopping 553 downloads in September, along with four pre-orders for Searching for Malumba.

The interesting thing: You can see, easily, where the Saturday downloads were.  You can also see that this month had a lot of zero-sale days.  What also happened, though, was a lot of sales triggered by the free downloads, which was exactly what I was hoping would happen.  In particular, it appears (based on a single data point, mind you) that making The Sanctum of the Sphere free pushes people to buy The Benevolence Archives.  September is going to actually be a pretty good money month for Amazon, especially for a month with no book launch in it.  It’s just that all of the days I had sales have been concentrated into weekends.

I’m also starting to think that promotional efforts on my end don’t matter a whole lot.  It seems like how busy is Amazon today? is the single most important variable on whether a book does well, and that’s not something I can control very well.  It is, however, something I can learn to predict.  I’ll be doing a free promo for one of my books this week, and I’m not going to mention it at all other than to state that it won’t be on Saturday, just to see what my numbers do.

I’m also modifying my spreadsheet a bit next month so I can account for paid sales vs. free downloads from Amazon.  I’m hoping the sales are up in general, and having Malumba launch this month will help a bit; I’d like to see a lot less red in the ledger next time around.  But as for right now I’m feeling pretty good about how the month went.

(Also: respectable KENP reads.  Somebody’s reading my books out there– I had a 600-page day last week.  Cool!)

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