In which I change my mind again (#KDPSelect post)

I think I’m going back to KDPAmazon-Kindle-KDP-Select2 Select again, y’all.

Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 hasn’t been on KDP Select for close to a year now, and Skylights and Sanctum of the Sphere were both removed from the program when their terms ran out in June and July, respectively.  I wasn’t super pleased with the payment changes on Kindle Unlimited, and I wanted the flexibility back of having all of my books available on all the markets I could reach.

Months later, all the markets I can reach aren’t selling any books, and Amazon sales are suffering as well, since I know Amazon does more passive marketing for you on books that are in KDP Select than otherwise.  I’ve come up with a solution for the folks who want my books in other formats: they can email me and ask for them.  Having BA 1 available at Barnes and Noble and the iBookstore has resulted in one or two downloads a month (that’s across both) and Smashwords is generally good for about 30. used to be a good source of downloads, but those have dried up recently, and I have good reason to suspect that they may never have been real in the first place.

So, screw it.  I haven’t sold a single copy of Sanctum or Skylights in any other market since I made them available.  And if you really want Skylights as a .epub I’m pretty sure you can figure out how to email me and ask for it and we can work something out.  And the other thing?  I did 200 free downloads of Benevolence Archives in a single day the last time I had it on Select.  Smashwords has 324 total.

This… is not worth it.  I’d originally thought to use BA 1 as my free book to drive sales to my others, and to not ever use free promotions for the other two books.  Right now what I want is people reading and reviewing my books, and I think I may just need to focus on getting more copies out there and floating around regardless of how much money I make from it.  That means Amazon, where I can push more downloads in a single day with a free promotion than months on another platform.  And if I decide 90 days from now that I was wrong again, well, I’ll put them up everywhere again.

So, yeah.  Expect all of my ebooks to be Amazon exclusives by this weekend.  Note that print editions will still be available through Barnes and Noble’s website if that floats your boat, but we’re gonna take another long look at exclusivity and see if I can’t find a different way to make it work.

If you want to download something for Nook or through the iBookstore while you still can, check out the “My Books” link in the masthead for all the links you could possibly desire.

2 thoughts on “In which I change my mind again (#KDPSelect post)

  1. I think you are right about prioritizing the reading and reviewing, just based on the numbers you’ve shared that I can easily recall.

    What you want is to work up to a viral thing, and that’s the way to do it if your game is books, I think.


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