In which that went better than I hoped

I won’t be in my classroom tomorrow.  I’m assisting (where “assisting” means “taking primary responsibility for,” because if I do it it’s going to be done right) on a major project in the office, and they’re putting a sub in my room so that I can get everything done.  I have told the boss he is providing me with doughnuts and orange juice and lunch.  He did not argue.

True fact: after spending all summer trying my damnedest to stay out of the classroom, I’m now officially pissed that I’m getting pulled out of the classroom.  Because clearly I am never happy.  Three days in, I’m still over the moon with my homeroom girls, and my afternoon class ain’t half bad either, although there are a few of ’em in there that I know I’m going to end up tangling with and there are a lot of special ed kids who are going to end up challenging in an entirely different way.  Some of them are the same kids.  I like my para, too.  I’ve always had good luck with my paraprofessionals; that streak is apparently continuing this year.

My main goal this weekend needs to be to find some way to get at least a little ahead on next week.  Given that I’m working Saturday night and we’re hosting a birthday party for our son on Sunday, that seems a trifle unlikely.  But I remain optimistic.  I’d also like to– God forbid– get some writing done that isn’t blog-related.

How’s your week going, y’all?

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4 thoughts on “In which that went better than I hoped

  1. I’m one of those parents cheering as they pull through the loop and dump their kids out of the car. Thanks for being on the flip side of that. Settling into routine here now that my Herd is out of the house six-plus hours a day.

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  2. Um. Orange juice? Who’d have thought? You are still full of surprises.

    My week is about like this, only with different shit. I’m a pretty good fire-putter-outer, but I mislike actually having to put the fires out.

    We seem to be in similar Hells.


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