In which I am tired

The last couple of weeks, as you’re well aware, I’ve been renovating my bathroom.  It’s been exhausting.  All home renovation is exhausting; I’m not trying to claim uniqueness, but it’s been a goddamn tiring couple of weeks.

I went back to school today.  You may remember this picture:


Every single one of those boxes, including the ones offscreen and the large pile of 60-some-odd smaller ones you can see in the distance just to the upper-right of the center of the image, has been dealt with.  I know where every box but three belongs; considering there’s a couple hundred of them that’s not a bad day.  I don’t think I’m going in tomorrow because administration is going to be at a meeting all day and I’m going to need a crapton of help to deal with this:


That shit ain’t a one-man job, that’s an assembly line waiting to happen, especially since I need to take over the library to distribute everything.  Honestly, if I can get three or four people as backup it won’t be nearly as bad as it looks.

He said.

Now, the fun thing is, about twelve of those boxes in that top picture are for me, since I went ahead and ordered myself some supplies (note: legal, encouraged) with the remaining money that we had to burn through at the end of the year.  I have to admit it: sorting through math manipulatives today, I missed teaching just a little bit, just for a little while.

Then I remembered that the lion’s share of leftover boxes are going to be used for the Cardboard Challenge at the beginning of the school year and that feeling went away, because holy shit do I want nothing to do with the Cardboard Challenge, along with any number of other things about working at a school that are not actual teaching.

It would be nice if someone from one of the jobs I applied for over the summer would call me back.  Or at least it would be nice to log into one of the application sites and see that someone else had been hired.  Because right now it feels like I just tossed those resumes and cover letters into a furnace and pretended that I was submitting them.


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