TERRIBLE DECISIONS: The backonthehorsening

If you’ve been reading this blog for way too long, you may remember the Terrible Decisions series, in which my wife and I decided to redo our bathroom.  That process led to a (if I don’t mind saying so) good job re-tiling our shower, and then… stalled.

She has the week off. We are unstalling.

Hello, over-the-toilet shelf!FullSizeRender

Goodbye, over-the-toilet shelf!IMG_2751

Hello, floor trim tile!IMG_2753

Goodbye, floor trim tile!IMG_2754

Hello, toilet!IMG_2755

Goodbye, toilet!  Hello, wax ring!IMG_2756

Goodbye, wax ring!  Now, the raggedy hole in the wall there is the reason this entire nightmare project got started in the first place: we had a leak behind the tile, and the water was running down the side of the tub and basically turned that corner of the drywall into mud.  (I just spent ten minutes looking; I posted a picture of it at one point but hell if I can find it.)

That one simple thing– ripping that piece out– turned into a full-bathroom renovation.  Which we WILL FINISH this week because if we don’t we only have one toilet and I will not live in a house with one toilet.  At any rate:  I cut out the diseased part of the wall, carefully avoiding cutting a hole in the stack and thus necessitating what would probably be thousands of dollars in repair costs.

Yes, I know this is cement board, not drywall, and you’re not supposed to use cement board in place of drywall.  However!  It’s also in the same spot as the bad part of the wall.  If we end up with the same leaking problem in the future, I want it leaking into cement board, which is going to be RedGarded and thus a lot more waterproof.  This part of the wall will be behind the toilet anyway and so the minor difference in texture shouldn’t be too noticeable.


Next step:  Get rid of the rest of this goddamned wallpaper.  Which I expect to take the rest of the damn afternoon.  If not my entire life.IMG_2761

13 thoughts on “TERRIBLE DECISIONS: The backonthehorsening

  1. eschudel

    Trust me, if it’s wallpaper, it will SEEM like it takes the rest of your life to take off. It took me 3 years to strip it off our spare room…


  2. Ahhhh the joys of home repairs. I feel your pain. I too have some major bathroom work that needs to be done but I am stalling lol Good luck to you 🙂


  3. At least you didn’t have to replace the flooring. And we feel your pain with the wallpaper removal. We once peeled several layers dating all the way back to 1904 from four rooms.


      1. We knew that the house had been built in 1904, and the first thing on the wall with not even paint over the browncoat plaster was wallpaper. So that layer was easy. The others we guessed at by the colors and patterns, comparing them to historic wallpapers that are available online.


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