TERRIBLE DECISIONS: In which that took a year

IMG_2065Okay, the habit my wife and I share of taking forever to get shit done because we like to make sure we know exactly what we’re doing before we get into stuff and also we’re lazy and work six days a week has caused this project to take so, so, so much longer than it should, but you can’t really argue with results, can ya?  Sooner or later the grout will cure and then we can actually goddamn shower in there again!

And soon winter break will roll around and we can destroy the rest of the bathroom and start this all over again.

So psyched.

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7 thoughts on “TERRIBLE DECISIONS: In which that took a year

  1. I’m pretty sure it was one of your early angsty posts about this bathroom project that got me following your blog. That was months ago. Way to stretch it out!


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