REBLOG: I Hated Snowpiercer: An Unpopular Opinion

I hated this movie too, but this reviewer doesn’t say “fuck” nearly as often as I did. Still a good piece.

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I finally watched Snowpiercer a few of weeks ago in the comfort of my living room after failing to gather a company into the movie theatres or live in another country where the film had already been released in 2013. I made popcorn. I piled up all blankets and pillows within arm’s reach to amplify my mind’s zone and also to make the couch extra cozy. I had watched the trailer several times, read excellent, spoiler-free reviews, and had been waiting for this moment all summer.

We began as four (my mother, my sister, my father, and I), then three, then two, then… one and a half? Only my dad and I survived through the end, and then with only part of our once-livid interest still intact.

We decided immediately that the film was a terrible, terrible letdown. I didn’t understand—this movie was supposed to be the film to watch…

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4 thoughts on “REBLOG: I Hated Snowpiercer: An Unpopular Opinion

  1. I really want to see this because, well, Tilda, but it hasn’t been released in the UK yet. Most annoyed about that, especially as I live in the bit of London with the one of the largest South Korean populations in Europe so you would have thought there might have been a ready-made audience. But what do I know?


        1. I can’t argue against that– for all its faults, and there are almost nothing BUT faults, the movie is absolutely great-looking and would probably be much better on the big screen. It’s just that that’s not good enough. 🙂

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