It’s as real as my skull, and it does exist!

CJ-cdQVWoAAQj3L.jpg-largeGot my proof copy of Benevolence Archives Vol. 1 yesterday.  I’m really pleased with how it turned out– it’s still a thin volume, obviously, being only 150 pages long, but it’s got a good heft to it for all that and looks decent on the shelf.

As of right now Amazon has created a page for it but it’s listed as “unavailable.”  I assume that will fix itself later today, and that the other print book online retailers will be following suit soon as well.  It’ll be $7.99 if you buy it through Amazon; if you get it from me at a con it’ll be $5.  (And I’m still waiting on some things to come together before I can announce what that next con will be.)

A quick word: Keep in mind that the entirety of BA 1 is included with the print edition of The Sanctum of the Sphere.  I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should keep Sanctum as an omnibus or not and for now I’m sticking with it just because I’m thinking the print BA 1 will be mostly a thing I sell at conventions.  Plus I’d have to go back to my artist to alter the cover for Sanctum again and I think she might eat me if I do that.  If you want both of them for the shelf, obviously, go for it, but if you’re unconcerned about that and just want physical copies to read, I suggest just ordering Sanctum.

(Goes and looks at shelf, geeks out again.)

(Reminder: Signed copies of Skylights and Sanctum remain available at reasonable prices.  Signed copies of BA 1 are not available because I only have the one, and you can’t have it.)

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