In which I am terrible at vacation

I have actually gotten some stuff done in the last few days– Benevolence Archives 9 got written and submitted to Lightspeed Magazine, and by the end of the night Starlight ought to be cracking the 10K word barrier, which is kind of a big deal psychologically, even if it took way too long to get there.  There have also been various errands run and deeds accomplished, in addition to going slowly insane from job-related stress.

I have also been watching this man beat Bloodborne, in its entirety, every boss, using only the gun.  Which by rights ought to be impossible.  And yet he does it.  I know!  He has like 12 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube and over the last couple of days I have watched (or, at least, had running on one monitor while I did something with the other– I love having a dual-monitor setup) every second of it.



People appear to be sending him money while he is doing this, by the way.

Video game streaming culture is interesting.  Part of me wants to run screaming because of the timesink aspect and part of me thinks this is a way cheaper way to stay current on what’s going on out there.  I think I probably need to choose “run screaming,” but who knows.

Benevolence Archives, Vol. 1 is now indisputably available in print, just in case you’ve spent the last fourteen months chewing your fingers and hoping.  Order away, if you like– just remember it’s also in Sanctum, and you get a better deal if you buy Sanctum.

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