I got nothing tonight, sorry

I like this song way more than I ought to, and my wife really hates it, so of course I’m gonna make y’all listen to it too.

In which I phone it in

I’m not a big Game of Thrones fan, and have really never even watched it seriously until this season– and I may not bother with the next book, either– but this is kind of a magical video and I want it where I can find it easily. And seeing as how I have nothing else to say tonight other than a generic reminder that I write books and maybe reading one or two of them would be something fun for you to do, here, have an excellent video:

LOUISVILLE: View from my car window

Guess whose car got broken into last night? And has to listen to this for four hours on Sunday?

(Coulda been a lot worse. They took a pair of prescription sunglasses. That’s it. Didn’t touch any of my con stuff and the car didn’t flood in the rain.)

#30daysongchallenge: Day 31

Why not call it the 31 day song challenge? The world may never know.

The theme is a song that comforts your soul, and the only real question was which Bob Marley song I was gonna choose, so I went with both of them. And I can’t imagine a better song to end this month on than Redemption Song:

And your choice?

#30daysongchallenge: Day 30

Day 30, which should be the last day of the challenge but isn’t, is “A song that reminds you of yourself.” Which … huh? I’m reinterpreting this again, to mean “reminds you of a specific time in your life.” Which leads me to this song, which (despite coming out in 1992) will never as long as I live not remind me of my senior year of high school:

Do any of you have songs that you listen to and think “This reminds me of me”?