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I’ve done several things today, but other than hanging a picture on the wall that I’ve been meaning to get up for a long time I don’t know that any of the things I’ve done are going to be anything anyone else living in this house is going to notice. At any rate, not much to say today, so I’m passing on a great cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car that someone recommended to me on Mastodon. It’s great, you’ll love it:

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2 thoughts on “Music post!

  1. It is a good cover. But part of that could be that when he sings here he actually sounds a lot like Tracy Chapman to my ears. Lol.


  2. Hey if you want another recommendation there is a British trio called GoGo Penguin who have a new album out called Everything is Going to Be OK. They are a drummer, standup bass and piano player and their music can best be described as kind of break beats with minimalist piano melodies combined with powerful bass. it all seems to work and it has the elements of rock, jazz, electronica and some classical all thrown together which gels nicely. Check them out.


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