In which … oops?

I have, no doubt, no bullshit, completely forgotten to post two days in a row. In my defense, I’ve been so Goddamned sick for the last two days that I lost six pounds. And not through healthy eating and sensible exercise, either. No, the other way.

It has, uh, not been an especially pleasant couple of days, so I hope you’ll find a way to forgive me.

In other news, today’s meeting of my speech and debate club quickly degenerated into hanging out and bullshitting with the small handful of students who showed up, and … man, these kids are built different. I don’t really want to get into the details because it reeks of oversharing but it’s absolutely amazing how much kids’ attitudes have changed in regards to certain things in just the last several years.

Meanwhile, my Governor signed a “don’t say gay” bill, and a friend of mine texted me suggesting that I might have to take my Pride flag down, and … well.

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One thought on “In which … oops?

  1. Ha, yeah, after a…well, let’s just say “incident” at the old day job, I splurged and got a “United Against Hate” face mask, and pins from the HRC website. So, thanks a million gazillion rainbows for the support! fist bump


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