Question for the authors

I asked this last night on the Twoodle and only got one response, so I’m trying again here: if you’re reading this, and you’ve written a book (or, preferably, more than one) how many copies of your books do you have lying around in your house?  Not “I’m going to sell these sooner or later” copies, but actual shelf copies that you are more or less keeping permanently.

Just curious.

25 thoughts on “Question for the authors

  1. I have one copy of my novel, but it’s never been on my shelf – it’s the one that I have to lend to my friends because they want to read the book but don’t actually want to pay for the privilege !


  2. I have at least two copies of each, plus a shelf of copies of SKYLIGHTS that I haven’t sold yet and didn’t want to keep in a box. Tempted to sneak them into a Barnes and Noble and just leave ’em on a shelf. 🙂


  3. My first book is in the works and I am planning on releasing it as an ebook, audiobook and print on demand. I’ll buy at least two to keep at the house.


  4. Two copies. One that’s full of post-its and margin scribblings, and one that’s in pristine condition on the bookshelf, ‘cos every author should have at least one perfect copy of each of their books. 🙂

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  5. I only have the proofs. I never thought about buying a copy for myself. I guess I never saw the point. The only time I have copies of my book laying around is when I’m about to send out the few free copies I give to my betas.


  6. Because I self-pubbed, I only have digital copies out right now. I have one on my nook. Plus, I have a filing cabinet drawer and a ridiculously large binder filled with edited drafts. (I hand edit) But I seriously can’t wait to have an actual print edition.


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