It’s Friday, mang…

…and I got nothin’ right now.  I’m about to eat soup with rattlesnake and rabbit in it, though.  That’s pretty exciting.

Skylights is $1.99 for about another hour and a half, if you’re into that.  Up to $2.99 once that time passes.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Friday, mang…

  1. How was the soup? Is my question. Did it live up to your expectations? I have eaten rabbit on more than one occasion, but never rattlesnake. I do my best to not eat reptiles. Nor even think about them very much.

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    1. Delicious! A little gamey, I assume because of the rabbit, and very spicy. Sadly I can’t comment on the taste of the rattlesnake itself because it was made into the sausage with the rabbit so it wasn’t like I was able to isolate it, but I liked the soup a lot.


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