OH MAN GUYS (cover reveal!)

So, the cover to The Sanctum of the Sphere: The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 2 is getting rrreal close to being done, to the point where my artist has given me permission to post this:

unnamedPretty, innit?  That’s by Yvonne Less, the same artist who created the awesome cover for Benevolence Archives 1.  The main difference is that when she did the BA 1 cover she didn’t know she was doing it, and this cover was her making my ideas look way awesomer than they had any right to be.

This is just the ebook cover.  I’ll post the whole thing when it’s done.  I love what is happening on the back side so I’m enjoying the idea of getting to do two separate reveals.  🙂

You can’t pre-order the book just yet (ebook will be $4.95; paper price is still undetermined) but you can tell Goodreads you want to read it here.

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11 thoughts on “OH MAN GUYS (cover reveal!)

  1. Oh my yes! This is a fabulous cover created by a very talented artist. Bravo!

    Take care and happy blogging to ya, from Laura ~


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