On the best possible use of my time

The book doesn’t have a real title or a cover and only has like 1400 words right now but hell let’s spend an hour fiddling around with title logos just because. Why not, right?


Tales: The Benevolence Archives, Vol. 3 is… DONE.





Stay tuned for a release date and an Amazon page.  But it’s finished!

So uh

If anyone were to write an effusive review of Balremesh and Other Stories on Amazon tonight (or your website, or wherever, so long as I see it) there’s a good chance you’ll end up blurbed on the back cover of the print edition.  Just sayin’.


My entire life nowadays is just looking at things and saying holy shit over and over and over and over.  Jamie Noble Frier is absolutely the real goddamn deal, guys.  And while you’re at it, do not sleep on that blurb at the bottom there.  Michael J. Martinez blurbed my goddamn book.  WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Release date on this one real soon.  For now, you can pre-order Balremesh and Other Stories for just 99 of your human Americapennies.  That one will be out July 5!  My birthday!  Preordering is like giving me a present!


COVER REVEAL: Tales from the Benevolence Archives

Oh man oh man oh man oh man oh man guys.

I got my first look at Jamie Noble Frier’s cover for the next Benevolence Archives book about a week ago, and didn’t share it at the time.  He and I shot a few emails back and forth and he just sent me this, which he okayed for sharing.  This is still in the preliminary stages, obviously, but then again so is the book.  It’s a race right now to see which of us finishes first.

But goddamn is this gonna be a fine cover:


I am squeeing, I tell you.  Squeeing.

(Haven’t read BA yet?  Feel free to get started right here for just 99 cents.)